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Music / Video Collaboration with Benjamin Lanz - his new single "125 bpm" off his forthcoming album Hoferlanz II - April 2018

“125 BPM” is, as the numerical name suggests, a song about time. Time together and time apart and what we’re asking for when we ask for time alone. 125 beats per minute is the speed that I landed on with some synthesizer pulses that I was playing around with while attempting to recreate the slightly sped up feeling of interpersonal communication. Synthesizing time together while spending time alone. 125 BPM, like floating just ahead of real time, 1.04 percent faster than a half second, dancing ahead of my head." - Ben Lanz

Initially, Artist Kevin Gilmore conceived the video for 125 bmp as a visual interpretation of the sonic explorations and moods the song evokes.  The result was a personal artistic journey through his own relationships with time and the creative process.  Subtle elements of family life peek through even during those solo moments in the studio.

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