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 This series of collages/paintings was created in my studio after my graduation from the MFA Visual Arts program at Vermont College of Fine Arts.  After nearly a year preparing and working towards the completion of my thesis exhibition home-tones, I came to these new canvases mentally invigorated, yet eager to materialize the changes that took place during my tenure in a graduate program. I stumbled across an old textbook that belonged to my grandfather – Architectural Graphic Standards, who was a builder along side my great grandfather and uncles who ran an architecture firm in Providence, Rhode Island. Using these pages as the seed of inquiry as well as a personal exploration of my family lineage, the work evolved into this new series. The desire to break the traditional four sides of a square or rectangle canvas results in a unique experience for the viewer with subtle additions along the edges of the canvases. The work, not quite 3-dimensional, is what I describe as 2½ -D (as opposed to 3-D).  One of the paintings titled Sound Transmissions Loss-Partitions, has become the basis for a visual score for a future sound art piece of the same name.

kevin gilmore art

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